Brownells / NRA Day
Brownells / NRA Day
Brownells / NRA Day Themes

Brownells / NRA Day events provide adults, youth, families, hunters, sportsmen, competitors – literally everyone – the opportunity to come together under a formal program to learn, experience, share, and grow in appreciation of the shooting sports. The event themes offered in the program are designed for discovery. They provide exposure to the many different activities available in shooting sports and offer participants the opportunity to explore them in a safe, controlled environment. The Brownells / NRA Day is a family affair! Everyone can attend!

Safety & Firearm Ed Event
An informal orientation that teaches participants how to safely handle load shoot and unload a variety of guns..
Basic Shooting Event
Certified Instructor teaches a formal NRA Basic Course of Instruction (10 - 14 hours) or an NRA First Steps Orientation (3 hours).
Competition Event
Event staff teaches participants the rules that govern the game and how to hone and refine the skills that give a competitive edge in matches and tournaments.
Youth SportsFest Event
All 'youth only' events fall into the NRA Youth SportsFest category.
Shotgun Shooting
Event staff teaches participants the basics of shotgun shooting and the specifics of the game TRAP / SKEET / SPORTING / CLAYS.
NRA 3 Gun Experience
This is a safe family-fun mildly competitive recreational event. Utilizing modern sporting .22 rifles .22 pistols and shotguns as well as AirSoft rifles pistols and shotguns this activity is designed to fully equip each participant with the same firearms and ammunition to give them a level playing field. Depending how the shooting course is staged participants may also have to demonstrate their athletic and tactical abilities.
Hunter's Event
This has several different optionsState Hunter Education Course (family event-open to everyone) A state certified Hunter Education Instructor presents a formal in-class or home study course. Ample range time for how and/or gun practice and personalized instruction is added to the course.NRA Hunter Clinic (family event-open to everyone) Event staff provides a selection of the four-hour responsibility and the four shooting events in the program. (Note Be sure to register this event with NRAs Hunter Services Department. Call 703-267-1503.)NRA Hunter Clinic (family event-open to everyone) An NRA Hunter Clinic Instructor will teach a Turkey Whitetail or Western Big Game clinic.NRA Sponsors Choice (family event-open to everyone) Event staff develops a hunt or hunting related program based on the knowledge and expertise of their local staff.
Special Interest
Closed event limited to a specific audience. Staff provides a program that is designed for a specific targeted audience other than children.
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